Taliesin West

Building at Taliesin West

A building at Taliesin West

Situated to the north East of Scottsdale Taliesin is the creation of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It was established as a desert home and also as a summer school for the students of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of architecture. The site still fulfils the role of a centre of architectural innovation today under the supervision of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Architectural School.

The campus consists of a number of buildings that serve various purposes including living accommodation and studio space. In tune with Lloyd Wright’s vision of organic architecture the buildings fit perfectly into the surrounding desert landscape.

A walkway at Taliesin West in Scottsdale Arizona

A walkway at Taliesin West

The campus can only be viewed by joining a guided tour that allows visitors see the interiors of a number of structures as well as the terraces, walkways and gardens that comprise the site.  Depending upon the time available a range of tours is available to suit varying interests.

Even if you are not an enthusiast of architecture Taliesin is worth visiting to experience how landscape and structures can be unified in harmony. Also, despite the close location to the Phoenix metropolitan area there is a sense of great peace here.

There is a book and gift store that is not only a great resource for those interested in architecture but is also a good place to find imaginative gifts.

outdoor sculptures at Taliesin west

Sculpture at Taliesin West

Tours are offers throughout the year but in the months of June, July and August scheduling should be checked directly with Taliesin.