San Pedro Riparian Area

San Pedro Riperian Area Arizona

San Pedro Riperian Area Arizona

The San Pedro river corridor is a paradise for bird lovers as it attracts a great diversity of migratory species who use the river as a route on their migrations. A large number of resident species are also present here. Even if you are not an Ornithologist this area provides great hiking in a desert oasis environment. The Bureau of Land Management manages the reserve and information regarding hiking can be found on their website via google.

There are two main access points to hiking trails, Hereford Bridge and San Pedro House. There is a bookstore at San Pedro House that has a good selection of local interest books including some hiking and wildlife guides. A good flavour of the area can be gained by hiking for some way along the San Pedro trail and backtracking to San Pedro House.

If you have a particular interest in birds there is an annual birding festival called South West Wings that is centered on sierra Vista. This normally occurs in early August and details can be found on their website,

Casa de San Pedro

An award winning bed and breakfast is situated very close to the San Pedro river about 15 minutes out of Sierra Vista. This is “Casa de San Pedro” and provides a real away from it all feeling. The courtyard and garden have hummingbird feeders that are well used and the San Pedro riparian corridor is within ten minutes through a gate from the garden. There is no evening catering (apart from special events) but a freshly cooked gourmet breakfast is provided each morning. Coffee and cookies and pie are always available in the guest lounge.

This makes a great base for exploring the region including hiking and attractions such as Tombstone and Bisbee.

Sunset at the San Pedro Riperian area Arizona

Sunset San Pedro