Ramsey Canyon

a stream in Ramsey Canyon Arizona

Ramsey Canyon Stream

Ramsey Canyon is owned by the Nature Conservatory and is easily reached from Sierra Vista in Southeastern Arizona. The canyon is situated in the Huachuca mountains and is nothing less than a stunning natural paradise. You are never far from the sound of a running stream and there is a good chance of seeing several species of hummingbirds and butterflies in particular. The Huachuca mountains are one of the “Sky Islands” of southern Arizona. Isolated mountain ranges rise out of the low desert and form a haven for species that require a different climate to survive. They also form stepping stones for migratory species from mexico in particular.

An easy trail leads from the visitor centre up into the canyon ending with an optional climb to a vista out over the canyon to the desert far below. The visitor centre contains a very good natural history bookstore and there is also a humming bird viewing area.

trail in Ramsey Canyon

Ramsey Canyon trail

Parking is extremely limited and if there are no spaces you will have to wait until one becomes free as there is no parking on the access road. Arriving early is the best strategy.

Sierra Vista provides a range of hotel accommodation but there are also some more interesting options in the San Pedro riparian area in particular.


Additional pictures of the canyon are posted here.

Ramsey Canyon Arizona skyline

Ramsey Canyon skyline

Red Spotted Purple butterfly at Ramsey Canyon Arizona

Red Spotted Purple butterfly