• Dramatic Landscape

    Sandstone in the high desert

Welcome to the Arizona travel website.

We have collected together the best things to see and do to make planning your trip easy. You’ll also find plenty of practical information,from choosing your flight to finding the best food and drink.
Our aim is to increase awareness of this great destination and to share the experience we have gained over many years of both business and leisure travel. Not only will we provide you with the essential information for the well known sights, we’ll also let you know about some of the things that are less obvious. Everything that is described arises out of my our own direct experience so I hope that I will be able to provide you with some valuable insights.

If you are travelling on business we’ll let you know what you can do in a limited time once the day’s work is over. Equally, if you are planning a business meeting we’ll let you have some ideas for venues and activities.

So why should you consider Arizona?

  • Year round sunshine –  At every time of the year the ideal conditions can be found. Cool down in the high country in the summer and enjoy winter  sun in the south in the winter.
  • Options to suit all tastes – Relax in world class luxury resorts or hit the road to the back country
  • A diverse natural environment from desert to alpine –  Drive from the desert to cool pine forests within two hours.
  • National Parks including the Grand Canyon – unique and iconic landscapes are contained not just within the National Parks but also within the numerous state parks.